Review: Sumatra Single         Origin

The Sumatran coffee from Roasting plant started with a rich and surprisingly sweet fragrance, notes of liquorish and dark chocolate spill into the aroma of the brewing coffee.

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Go London - The Standard

Javabot: Can a barista beat the new ultimate coffee machine?

Javabot is running the show. The machine sends beans from the vats into tubes that snake across the ceiling and over your head, into the roasters by the counter. These are programmed to create the perfect conditions for each bean.

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There's Been A Wonka-Esque Addition To London's Coffee Scene

You know what's been missing from your daily cup of java? The chance to sup it in an awesome sci-fi setting. And Roasting Plant Coffee near London Bridge is as darn near to Starbucks-meets-Interstellar as you'll find. It's no gimmick either.

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 Roasting Plant Brings Javabot (and Great Tasting Coffee) to London Bridge

The London Bridge outlet is Roasting Plant’s sixth cafe and its first outside the US. The cafe has all the hallmarks that finicky coffee drinkers are apt to seek in a central London coffee shop plus an elegant and stylish Javabot roaster as a centerpiece display.

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A London cafe is brewing coffee Willy Wonka-style.

Named after Java, the port in Ethiopia which first exported coffee, the fully automated machine air pops raw beans at 200 degrees Celsius in around eight minutes in front of customers, before shooting exact portions through pneumatic glass tubes overhead to brew instantly into lattes.

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Best Coffee Shops In London 

If you want variety and fancy yourself as a bit of a coffee connoisseur, Roasting Plant just south of the river on London Bridge needs to be on your visit list. The coffee menu behind the counter is bigger than I’ve ever seen and the beans are beautifully displayed in big clear tubes on the opposite side of the shop

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