Just Roasted Revolution

Coffee beans being roasted

Leading a Fresh-Roasted Movement

Roasting Plant® Coffee is proud to join other roastery-cafes to spread the word about how important freshly roasted beans are to creating a full falvored cup with no bitterness!

We micro-batch roasting in every cafe – no bulk roasting in factories across the ocean, country, or even town, no long supply chains that churn out stale coffee dubbed “fresh” with “best by” dates months or years from roasting.

You can see the bloom of foam and beautiful crema during brewing and taste the difference fresh-roasted coffee makes in the cup, and extensive scientific research explains why.

Roasted coffee is inherently volatile and, regardless of how it’s stored, will lose up to 70% of its flavor and aroma after a week or two. Coffee also oxidizes quickly when exposed to oxygen and its natural oils become rancid and bitter.

Dispensing coffee into bag