Coffee Sourcing


Selecting Our Beans

These mountainous, tropical regions produce many of the world’s most exceptional coffee beans, and we dedicate our time to tracking down the very best for our customers. By visiting these areas frequently, Roasting Plant has built strong relationships with famous estates and independent growers alike. We are working side by side with local farmers to identify the best lots from each new harvest.

Green coffee needs to be transformed before it can be enjoyed. That transformation happens during roasting, where the original, green-ish beans are exposed to high heat and acquire their more familiar, deep brown color.

Our Master Roaster, Gen

Our Master Roaster

Genevieve Kapler, Roasting Plant’s Roast Master, grew up in Bordeaux but found her passion not in grapes, but coffee beans. Her experience has touched on nearly every aspect of coffee, from agronomy to processing and purchasing, from expert tasting to quality control and beyond.

Photograph of The Strand store location