Peru Single Origin


Peru Single Origin

Tasting Notes:

Plum, raspberry, white chocolate




Fully washed, dried on patios


Barro Negro, La Coipa, Cajamarca



Best As:

Espresso and Coffee

On the slopes of El Mirador, Evaristo’s farm is located in the mountain village Barro Negro, La Copia, high in Peru’s Cajamarca department. Evaristo has lived in Barro Negro all his life. The name El Guayaquil, is in reference to the bamboo trees found on the farm. Like many other farms in the region, the name is symbolic, reflecting the distinguishing characteristics in the surrounding area. Situated at 1850 meters above sea level, Evaristo’s lot is made up of local varieties, Red Caturra & Pache; both which thrive at high altitudes.

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