Gooseneck Pour Over Kettle with Thermometer


A great companion for coffee.

  • Unique gooseneck outlet design, perfect to help solve your water control problems. Making a cup of aromatic coffee, the speed of the water is vital. This curvature can help you control the size and speed of the water flow, perfectly poured every time, bringing delicious and smooth coffee.
  • Complex triple layer base: A stainless steel - aluminum - stainless steel combination of three-layer composite base,This design can maintain rust-free status for more than ten years. 
  • Integrated thermometer:An easy to read integrated thermometer and reader on the lid allows you to boil water to the precise temperature every time with ease, releasing flavor and aroma from your favorite coffee.
  • Suitable for most stoves and fires: You can boil water in the teapot on any range, hob or stove, including gas, electric coil and electric glass tops. It is safe for induction cookers.

Just for you.